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Hello and Welcome!

Hi! Welcome to my homepage. I'm Nave Nobel. Who loves to keep himself busy with free softwares and web development. Who also have a keen interest in graphics designing with free softwares, like, GIMP, Inkscape, Blender and so on. Outside these computing related stuffs, I also love to keep myself studying mathematics and physics, playing cricket, learning about birds, roaming around my city, and reading various kinds of books. I love to introduce myself as a "Free Software Activist" and a "Web Developer".

Free Software Activism

I've been using the GNU/Linux operating system since early 2015, and have realized the importance of free softwares after passing couple of months with this awesome operating system. Currently, I'm contributing to various free softwares projects, helping people to learn more about these softwares and replacing the nonfree softwares they use with free software alternatives to them. I generally don't to use any nonfree application software, and trying to remove nonfree softwares from the system layer as well.

Web Development

I'm a front-end web developer. I had been busy learning front-end web techonlogies for more than two years from 2013. Then I had paused learning web technologies, for giving emphasize on learning some core techonoloies of computers.

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This website is under active development!

I'm wishing to publish my personal website using GitLab Pages soon. This is my temporary homepage with some basic information about me.

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